Monday, April 6, 2009

Eight to Twelve

The last couple of weeks have been very hit and miss at the lake front.  It seems every other day the winds change direction and start howling up to 20-30 knots.  North East switches to South, back around to North West... so on...

This has made things tough out at the seawall.

Even when the waves quiet down for a day or two its nothing short of chocolate milk.  This makes chasing trout and salmon nothing short of a challenge.  We did manage to land 5 last Wednesday (April 1st) but it required a lot of trial and error, footwork, and even a drive to a wisconsin harbor, two tribs, and finally we found the fish at montrose harbor.  There was still a decent chop and I'd give visibility no more than 2 feet, but it was enough to land some spring cohos.

Here is a photograph I grabbed with the cellphone, as its the only camera I had on me today.  This was right about where irving park hits the road.  30 foot spray up and some waves actually rolling onto the wall.

Until things change, get out the wet suits and surf boards and I'll see you in the surf...  Tight lines.

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